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It Will Always Just Be Me

Your Star is Due for Shooting, and I'll be Watching the Night Sky

Call me Shiny
3 December
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Everything will turn out okay until you die, and in which case you probably won't care.

I'll love you if you can remember this simple spelling: B-E-C-A, the shortened form of my name.

I'm a sixteen year old girl, a sophmore, a day care employee, a heterosexual who doesn't care if you aren't, a pro-life supporter, a role player, a music fanatic, a democrat, a fic writer, a Broadway n00b, a fandom lover, a member of the girl's volleyball team at my school, and a friend lover. *hint, hint*

Note: I have strong convictions. You have strong convictions. They are interesting, but I'm not changing mine, nor do I expect you to change yours.

Current Fandoms: RENT, Harry Potter, FAKE, Good Omens

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