Two More Fics

Title: What Really Happens When You Have Nowhere to Turn
Rating: PG?
Beta: falcons_honour
Pairing: Sirius/Remus...kinda.
Summary: Sirius is alone in Azkaban, thinking, thinking...
Warnings: Angst ahoy!
Words: ~2,000
Notes: I love Sirius in Azkaban
Dedicated to: F'list that didn't request anything.

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Title: Romance on the Mind
Rating: PG-13
Beta: Half done by slasher_chick
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Summary: Harry and Ron are getting ready for Bill’s marriage when there are several problems and realizations. (yay for sucky summaries!)
Warnings: Awkwardness, fluff, over-use of the word ‘yeah’
Words: ~2,000
Notes: First time Ron/Harry fic, first time with fluff for me
Dedicated to: starry_sunrise

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Blahdy blah

Yesterday was lovely,Collapse )

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Argh! I got all of 2 hours of sleep last night. Everytime I drifted off I would have one of those terrible nightmares. Eventually, I couldn't sleep, so I've been up reading all night. This really sucks because I've been exhausted. Going to the mall and generally hanging with Josh takes a lot of energy, especially when I feel up to null anyway. *sigh* Maybe now that I've bitched it'll stop again. Maybe?

Shannon's coming over today. I should have a random fic up today, possibly. Oh, and, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!

Well, Fine

I decided to screw giving all of them at once because everytime I finish one I get unhappy, and start to re-do it. So, first of of the Christmas Pressies right here. (Amy has two because they're both really short. Everyone else on here is getting a full-fledged story, so no favorite playing from me. ^_^)

Title: The Beautiful Creature
Beta: slasher_chick
Rating: PG-13??
Pairing: LV/N
Summary: Lord Voldemort enjoys his most loyal...
Warnings: Bestiality
Words: 100
Notes: Ain’t it B-E-A-U-Tiful? They’re all love-y. ^_^
Dedicated to: _effervescent

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Title: How Remus Does
Beta: slasher_chick
Rating: R-ish
Pairing: Remus/Whomping Willow
Summary: Finding a soul mate.
Warnings:...Tree sex?
Words: ~130
Notes: Inspired by the song ‘When You Touch Me in That Special Place’ by The Whomping Willows.
Dedicated to: _effervescent

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I hope you like these, dear!


In other news, I'm spending a good part of the day with Josh. =D YAY, JOSH!

Lalala Fic Request

So, it's close to Christmas now, and I thought that I'd take some fic requests. More than likely I'll be able to have them done by Sunday, but if they come a day or two late, I'm sorry. I think I know and can write something for most of you guys' fandoms (even outside HP *gasp*), but jsyk, I still haven't seen either Buffy or QAF. So, aside from those, ask away everyone! Oh, and if I know you in real life (heh, sorry) I do have your presents all wrapped up and pretty. Kenny, Kyle, Cartman - you'll see them on the 28th. Shannon - I guess you're getting it tomorrow. Josh - me and let's discuss when I'll see you next. < 3 ya'll! BTW, Shannon, don't ask me to get my ass working harder on the comic or that SS/NT fic. They will come with sweet time...and inspiration. ^^;;;

That's Right

I noticed how far down my old friends only sign is, so here's another one as a reminder.

Image hosted by

I talk about my friending on my info page.


Guh. I HATE PMSing. My period came a week late, and it hurts so bad. My body aches, I'm cramping, I have a headache, and I feel very sick. So, I came home after four bloody essay exams in biology, and I've ended up just coming home and catching up on homework. *bangs head on desk* *wonders if it was even worth it to come home*

At 1:15 I'm going back to school for special topics/advanced drama. And since my mom promised Terry I'd be at practice I figure I'll go for the two hours and kill myself. I should be at Script Find, but no. If I go there I get kicked out of volleyball. I better not get kicked out of forensics either.

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...Okay, that was basically the rant I was going to say yesterday is in between the parentheses. So.

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See ya.


*cries happily*

hill_ did my meme art! OMFG, and it's so beautiful! I'm still speechless. I PIMP, I PIMP, I PIMP! GO HERE, MUTHA FUCKAS (ehHAHAHAHAHA, physcho kitty!).

I was going to have a cut and talk about my problems involving forensics, volleyball, and Scotty the Asshole, but I changed my mind. I'm in a good mood.

OMG! We didn't have PE today because of Rush Week (it's the week to get Freshman into clubs etc). That means that I spent all 90 minutes of class time with Josh. We had a great time, and we keep getting closer to each other. He even gave me this crystal necklace that's in the shape of a sword to wear around my neck. I think it's weird that we've gotten so close so quickly, I mean he's honestly like my best friend already (with benefits! ^_~). Oh well. Hopefully that's good.

Quote of the day:
"Love is friendship set on fire"

Dialogue of the day:
Will "I bet you want to lick whip cream of of Josh's head."
Me "Hmph, *NOT your business, buddy!* Are you into voyeurism?"
Will "WHAT?"
Me "You don't know what voyeurism means?"
Will "..."
Me "Josh?"
Josh "*confused* What -does- it mean?"
Me "They're people who get off on watching other people."
Josh "...I get off on watching and thinking about you."
Me "*blush* I mean getting off on watching two other people have sex."
Will "That's weird."
Josh "Oh. That's not me. ^_^"
Will "That's kinda gross..."

Heh, and that was just after the funness last night with RC, too! "Sirius, what's sexual intercourse?" LMFAO!


Yeah, Well

B-day stuff goes out tomorrow to pipinheart and theworksofrc. They're birthdays were ages ago, but oh well. At least they're not getting everything on one day. I'm being interesting. Go, belated presents!

Thank you starry_sunrise and theworksofrc! You two helped me so much with my problem, and it is very much appreciated. Thanks for sparing me some of your time.

Spanish is a bitch, but again, thank you RC for help. *couldn't live without you, dear*

Oh, and my journal is no longer friends only. It's open to everyone until I see a need to make it otherwise.

HP Girlslash is far too addicting. Need to stop...