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Fifteen stories and 17 days later.... heh

Title: Sick on Christmas Eve
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Summary "Who gets sick on Christmas Eve?"
Warnings: Unbeta'd, crack!fic, completely pointless
Notes: Nothing really, bug...Heh. Have fun. Oh, and, both were written right after I took my crazy, yet legal pills. *cough* Yes, well.

You," Harry said, "are killing me. Who gets sick on Christmas Eve?"

"Apparently, I do," Draco snapped back before sneezing loudly again. He let out a moan. "Oh, I'm going to die. And to think, to you don't even care. Insensitive bastard."

"Come off it," Harry replied, throwing another tissue box Draco's way. "What are you going to do next? Say that I don't really care for you, and it's all for sex?"

"Are you trying to," Sneeze. "tell me something?"


Draco glared at him. There was silence for awhile, except for Draco's wheezing. He finally broke the silence. "Ugh, I am so disgusting."

"You're just sick, Draco."

"People die of diseases all the time. I bet someone's dying due to disease right now. I'll be next."

"Geez, Draco, stop being so lighthearted. I might burst from the happiness." Harry recieved another glare, before Draco coughed and sneezed spectacuarly at the tissue box, and his hand that had been reaching for a tissue. "Uh, ew," Harry said, looking at Draco. "Did that hurt? And how about I go fetch another tissue box..."

"Yes, it fucking," Sneeze. "hurt! You're an insensitive bastard. Uhhh."

"Even though I bring you more tissues than the Queen of England can afford."

"Even so, fuckwit."

"Damn, you're in a good mood."

"It'd be better if you'd stop - AAAAAAHCHOOO!" Harry ran for the tissue box, deciding maybe he should just humor Draco. Besides, he was sick.

When Harry returned Draco gave him a small grin. Harry grinned back. "I know. Fank uhb, right?" He winked. Draco shook his head.

"Can I have Pepperup, yet?"

Harry's eyes widened. "Oh. I was supposed to go fetch that, wasn't I?"

"An hour ago."

After fetching that and some more things, Harry came and sat down by Draco. Draco sneezed as he brought the goblet to his lips, and then drank it. Draco's face turned a brilliant shade of red, and smoke came out of his ears. Harry snorted because the expression was similar to another which he (joyfully) saw quite often.

After a couple of minutes, Draco looked over at Harry. "I'm fine."

Harry smiled. "Good. Wouldn't want to waste more time of the festivities we could be doing right now. Like a festivity including you, me, tinsel, and my bed..."

Draco smiled. "That sounds like a good offer to me. After I take a nap."


"I will make myself sneeze all over your ass if you don't let me sleep for an hour or two."

Harry's face screwed up in disgust. "You know, now that you say that, I think we'll hold our festivities later. I don't want you sneezing on my ass."

"I won't sneeze on your ass, as long as you let me sleep."

"You lie!" Harry announced, with some dramatic flare.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Why do you have to be so weird?"

"Why do you have to be so girly?"

"I am not girly, Harry."

"And I'm not weird."

"Uh, right."

"Okay, shut up."

"Why? You are w-" Harry smashed their lips together, and slipped his tongue into an eagerly opened mouth. He pushed Draco back against a wall. Draco groaned, and ground his hips into Harry's. Harry pulled back with a grin.

"Quiet, you."


....That has to be the most pointless, and odd thing I have ever written. ...I take that back. Not the oddest, but err. You get a pretty drabble-ish too, because that was like omgwtf?!! bad.

Title: Sweet
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R?
Summary A snowing, winter night at their flat.
Warnings: I don't think so. :S
Notes: Still written under crazy pills. I like this one much better, though.

Snowflakes fall to the ground outside of the window of Harry and Draco's flat. The two men are sharing desperate kisses, and finger tips over heated skin. Neither are clothed against the cold (Draco likes to be chilly, and at the moment Harry doesn't mind). Tongues slide over each other, and down writhing bodies. Fingers else where, and hitting that place... Oh, release is sweet. But not as sweet as the soft kisses, and quiet pants afterward.
Tags: fic, holiday fic, meme

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