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Because I <3 my puppies, and Sirius has been very mad at me

Title: Final Reunion
Rating: G
Length: -short-
Summary: " times he would have a small "what-if" thought creep up."
Beta: slasher_chick
Notes: This is for MoonStar Day! It was written (and beta'd) during Algebra II and exhaustion, but I like it. This is very short and sweet, so what do you have to lose? ;) Fic based on the song Far Away by Nickelback.

Remus had known from the beginning that Sirius was dead. There was no way that he could have made it back. Remus had accepted this, and all but skipped the denial stage. However, at times he would have a small "what-if" thought creep up. Sirius had made it out of Azkaban after all... At that point Remus would shake his head and get back to doing something, anything that would catch his attention. If there was a chance though, just a chance that Sirius could be alive, he would just want enough time to hold him again in silence, or better yet to a song. They didn't need to say anything. No matter how long he and Sirius were apart, they knew. A nice song to dance to, a smile, a kiss, a moment to hold each other... Moving on might be easier then, with one more good thing to hold on to. Just anything, just in case there were a few breaths left. Then Remus could make it to their next, and final, reunion.

laurel_tx's fic is written, but I don't have time to type it up. I have a huge amount of chemistry calling my name.

Tags: fic, friends, holiday, random

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