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For starry_sunrise

So, let's have a third post as well with the drabble/ficlets I promised to do for Linz about 10 million years ago.

Title: Divine Friction
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Harry/Pansy
Summary: Uh, this is like the softest PWP ever written. Have fun.
Beta:falcons_honour, aka RP-Love-Of-My-Life. Well, as soon as we can get to it. Will and Elizabeth are being difficult. :P
For: starry_sunrise, who is just utterly awesome.
A/N: I can't remember if these are for a request, or if she asked for them. Either way, four/five months later, they are done. *puppy eyes*

Swift steps, hushed whispers, the sharp sting of a hand harshly meeting softer skin, and divine friction begin their nights. Pansy won't let Harry get all he needs in this one meeting. She'll make sure to always leave him before he gets all he wants. Harry will make sure that after dinner, he gets what he wishes. The talking began as a minimum, but now is a requirement. The sneers and noises bounce off the dungeon wall, but it's Slytherin; the sounds are not an oddity. The two continue their tango with the devil, and both are aware of how close to destruction they've brought themselves.

Title: Scars
Rating: PG/G
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Summary: There are scars, and there are hands.
Beta: falcons_honour
For: starry_sunrise
A/N: I apologise if this is cliche or something. I've never read a Harry/Ginny central fic.

The scars on his body are many. Unless you want a full tale, with a disguised look of the fear and pain, you don't need to ask. They're all from the war, and at some point have probably been discussed in the Daily Prophet. The normal existence still fools most, unless you're the one in Harry's bed, and you can hear all the things running through his mind. Most believe that he should somehow be 'over it' or in some institution; no one recalls Dumbledore ever having such problems. Ginny knows all of these scars, in and out, and in return, he knows hers. Of course, no one from this war could truly be 'over it', she believes, but the road to recovery has become very smooth. Smoother than the hands that trace the scars, and the words that comfort.

Now I'm writing a fic for laurel_tx's new challenge. So much fun! I love feeling fandom-y, and actually accomplishing things. Maybe this will carry into the next school year, so I don't drag all year. *crosses fingers*
Tags: fandom, fanfic, fics, het, hp, request

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