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For laurel_tx

I told her awhile ago I would submit a story for her scarfic challenge, and here we have it.

Title: Perfect Imperfections
Rating: R
Pairing: Cedric/Harry
Challenge: Scarplay

Perfect Imperfections

Rushed whispers echo around the Prefect's Bathroom. Harry Potter is busy paying full attention to Cedric Diggory's body, which just look so hot when it's fresh out of the water he's been in long enough to have slightly wrinkled fingers. Harry softly traces his fingers over the marks, the scars, on this perfect body, the imperfections that somehow show he's more perfect than Harry, or anyone, could have ever thought.

Cedric is watching Harry touch the scars on his arms, his stomach, his legs... Up a little more and... But no. Harry wasn't done yet. Cedric felt Harry's tongue flick out and lick a long scar on his side. He was almost certain Harry was muttering something when he pulled up, but he couldn't hear it, and forgot about it as soon as he felt Harry beginning to blow over the scar he had just licked. Cedric gasped at the cold air, and just wished that Harry would hurry up; there were other places that wanted his attention.

When Harry looks back at each of the scars, anecdotes absently come to his mind. He would ask Cedric about some of these later, but not now. The perfecting imperfections seemed to have stolen his thoughts. Getting closer to these things that probably speak volumes about the life of the boy laying there is all that Harry wanted. He did notice that Cedric was hurrying him along. Harry figures that he probably should quicken his pace just a bit to get to some other things, but Cedric could wait just a tad longer.

If Cedric had cared about anything other than what Harry was doing with his hands and mouth, he would've noticed that the tiles were getting quite uncomfortable and that blasted mermaid was watching intently with a smirk. However, he doesn't notice this and, Merlin, Harry was certainly moving along. Harry was stroking Cedric at a slow pace that was sure to kill Cedric at any second. He thrusts his hips forward, but Harry keeps the same pace. Then, the hand moves. He looks up to protest, but sees Harry is just moving into another position. Cedric feels Harry start again. Cedric looks closer, and a low moan escapes his lips.

Harry moves in between Cedric's legs, slipping a little on the water and soap on the floor. He looks at the boy in front of him, and feels his cock throb. That's when he catches sight of a small scar that runs down the inside of Cedric's thigh. Harry can't keep himself from leaning down to it and sucking.

It was going to be a long night.

X-posted...tomorrow. *yawn* (Why am I still up? Why? I was ready to sleep three hours ago.)
Tags: fandom, fic, request

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