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Of course I'm doing my reading and such for school. Of course I am.

Remus Lupin could not believe his rotten luck. Actually, that could not describe the incident what-so-ever. This was ghastly, horrific, and was going to plague him for the rest of his worthless life.

This was, debatabally, one of the top ten worst nights of his life. And, beside the point, why the hell did everything bad happen at night? Did that happen to everyone? Why couldn't he at least have the sun shining and people awake when things like this happened? Did the world seriously hate him that much?

But, back to the point. Many of Remus' fears had been played out this night. For one, Albus Dumbledore was murdered. The indestructible man that had been more important in this war than almost anyone, had fallen. Take another look, and it was because, yes, Severus Snape was a cold-blooded, murdering, traitor. How many of these was he going to have to go through? And to go a step further, Fenrir (even though he wasn't in wolf form at the moment) had bitten someone he knew. Someone he was close to. No one knew what would happen, but if only Remus could've been there...He's not sure what he'd do, but he'd enjoy whatever it was. Greyback had certainly been asking for it from Remus for a -long- time.

So, this is where it becomes absolutely lovely. Remus is in the hospital rooms with the others for questions and just to be there, when Tonks just had to start it again in front of everyone. And he had to make his main points sound ridiculous. And did it just have to be in front of people who were basically 'all for love'? He shook his head, and rubbed his temples.

That's when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up to see her soft smile. Even after tonight it captured his heart. One thought came to his mind. /You can't keep saying 'no'.../
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